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This organization was created to train, teach, and encourage individuals and groups to increase self-value and esteem through Christian exposure, application, and action, while promoting the Christian faith.

When God spoke years ago saying he would send me to the nations it seemed a mission impossible; but he has made it "Mission Possible".

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Elder Katie Newborn

Elder Newborn's desire is to continue to increase the body of Christ and its faithful mission, so that they may see the fullness of the prominent manifest. The fulfillment of His purpose is "Mission Possible".

Elder Katie Newborn

Graduating from the University of Arkansas - Pine Bluff, Elder Katie Newborn received her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology, was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the United States Army, and has several hours Masters level Global Leadership experience. Founder of KN Ministries, the parent organization of her evangelistic ministry and the Mission Possible Organization. Global organizations that support the efforts of Christian believers through training, practical help, and spiritual encouragement.

God has gifted Katie with the uncanny ability to encourage and exhort others to take active steps into their purpose for His glory through ministry. As a result of her commitment, both ministries have broken through the denominational and cultural barrier, thus affording her the privilege of impacting thousands of lives across the globe.

Elder Newborn has future plans of further expanding the stage of her evangelistic ministry via publishing with the release of her book, Mission Possible, which shares some personal experiences from the mission field.

Licensed by the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assembly, Inc., Elder Newborn has a dual affiliation with The Potter's House, Dallas, TX, where she serves faithfully as an Elder submitted, licensed, and obtained under the leadership of Bishop Thomas Dexter Jakes, Senior Pastor. In addition, Elder Newborn is a retired Training Specialist with the State of Texas Health and Human Services Commission. On the cutting edge of both training and ministry, Elder Newborn is showing no signs of slowing down.